Wildcats trip up Wakefield on the mat
The Millbrook wrestling team put together an impressive performance Wednesday, Dec. 16, scoring victories in 13 of its 14 matches against Wakefied and recording a 73-6 win.


Spartan b-ball photos
Here are a few images of the Sanderson and Cary girls basketball teams' Dec. 14 contest. Click on the picture above to see our photos.


Wolverines, Spartans hit the mat
Here are a few images of the Sanderson and Wakefield wrestling teams from the Wolverine Challenge Saturday, Dec. 12. Click on the picture above to see our photos.


Wildcats battle Caps in conference opener
Here are a few images we captured at the Millbrook boys and girls basketball games at Broughton Friday, Dec. 11. Click on the photo to see our pictures.

Spartan victory
The Sanderson wrestling team notched an impressive 45-18 victory over Wakefield Dec. 9. To see images from the match, click on the photo above.

Leesville wrestlers remain perfect
Case of the Mondays: Jan. 4, 2010

Wakefield track shines in Virginia

MHS boys basketball: GSK wrap-up

SHS prevails in Chatlee Shootout

Spartans get revenge on ECH

Marshall, Pride sink South Granville

SHS' surge unravels Panther Creek

Wildcats stave off SHS' late push

Williams, Lady Cats clip Spartans

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Thank you
and good night

*(The essentials have been bolded to make it a quicker read.)

My father wanted me to title this "Case of the Goodbyes," but I have decided to keep it plain and close out's existence with a simple "Thank you!"

I have accepted a position this week working for a university in my home state of Pennsylvania, and as a result, I have decided to discontinue the Web site. Though I am thoroughly excited about my new job, unfortunately it means I can no longer cover North Raleigh high school athletics. (The nine-hour commute would be a killer, what, with it being nine hours.)

I have truly enjoyed putting together NRS. (By using initials, I have always tried to make it sound more hip than it really is.) And I have appreciated all the help, assistance and kind words people have shared with me during my time here.

As I made this Web site a reality, Dexter Cooley, Bob Catapano, Scott McInnes, Jack Rogers and Ravenscroft's Penny Rogers have been especially supportive. Likewise, NRS photographer Rob Orazi and videographer Jake Bellis have been enormously helpful, and I can't thank them enough. And I must not forget Kim Albrecht and AKA Professionals — my first advertiser — for their belief in me right from the beginning.

Before I get long-winded and bore everyone, I will close with one message: High school athletics are one of the greatest parts of a community, and this has nothing to do with wins or championships. So get involved!

That may not be an original thought, but it's true nonetheless.

Thank you to everyone who made visiting NRS a part of their daily lives.

Tommy Kopetskie


Leesville wrestlers remain perfect in Cap-7

Through six matches against Wakefield Wednesday night, the Leesville Road wrestling team found itself facing an 18-16 deficit.

But apparently, the Pride wrestlers were right where they wanted to be, reeling off victories in six of the night's final eight matches and propelling Leesville to a 49-26 victory.

Following successful campaigns at last week's Knightdale Duals — Wakefield finished third in division 2; the Pride finished second in division 4 — both squads rolled into the match with high expectations.

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A look back,
and a look ahead

January 4, 2010
By Tommy Kopetskie,

Don't get me wrong, the holidays are great.

I can't get enough of egg nog, Christmas cookies — especially those peanut butter ones topped with the Hershey Kiss — and the Dominick the Donkey Christmas Song.

(No joke, it's better than anything on Taylor Swift's holiday CD. I know, I've listened to both.)

And visiting the grandparents and swapping stories with your cousins you hardly like is what the season is meant to be about.

But it's time to get back to what we do around here: play sports. Good, competitive, pride-on-the-line athletics.

Continued ...